NCT is the leading developer of active wave management technology--the manipulation of sound and signal waves to reduce noise, improve signal-to-noise ratios and enhance sound quality.

NCT is a company dedicated to the development and commercialization of active wave management applications. As the technology leader, NCT combines the most advanced electronics with its patented algorithms to serve a wide variety of application-specific needs.


Active wave management is the electronic manipulation of sound and signal waves to reduce noise, improve signal-to-noise ratios and enhance sound quality. NCT's active methods vary from application to application and the following are descriptions of several methods utilized:


The electronic coupling of a low frequency noise wave with its exact mirror image, called 'anti-noise' cancels the offensive noise.

Adaptive speech filtering (ASF)

ASF is a series of algorithms specifically designed to remove background noise from speech and transmitted signals. ASF dramatically improves communications through devices such as telephones and radios, and can be used to increase the success rate of speech recognition programs. ASF is also effective against ambient noise, line interference and transmission noise experienced in mobile telephone systems, and is a valuable feature of MTSO T1/E1 networks to improve voice quality.

Solid state transducers

Advanced flat transducer technology is employed for the creation of a remarkable surround sound effect without the use of traditional speakers. This breakthrough technology is smaller, lighter weight and less expensive than traditional speakers.

Silicon micromachined microphones (SMM)

SMM is a superior noise reducing, chip-sized microphone for use in all communications applications. The SMM greatly improves intelligibillity and clarity in teleconferencing, telephony, video conferencing, speech recogintion, audio recording and audio playback. The small chip dimensions -- 3mm on each side -- make it useful for packaging into products with tight size constraints.

Intellectual Property

The company's broad intellectual property portfolio and technological know-how have allowed for the creation of advanced systems for diverse applications. NCT's intellectual property is a key asset. The company continues to build upon key core patents to create stronger and more application specific inventions.

Strategic Markets

NCT is structured into strategic business units (SBU's) that are focused on commercialization of strategic applications of active wave management technology to specific markets.

NCT-Owned Strategic Business Units

In addition to the SBU's, there are other strategic areas that are being developed by marketing partners who are well positioned within their particular industries to facilitate commercialization.

Partner-Developed Strategic Markets


NCT's strategic business units and marketing partners have brought to market and commercialized a number of products and technologies. NCT Headsets has successfully commercialized the NoiseBuster' personal active noise reduction headphone for consumers and the ProActive' line of industrial hearing protection. Other products include aircraft cabin quieting systems; the Active Industrial silencer', an industrial muffler for large blowers; the NoiseEater', an active air duct silencing system; and small fan quieting kits for reducing noise in appliances such as vacuum cleaners and kitchen hoods.

NCT Communications is bringing to market several applications of the NCT Adaptive Speech Filter'; the Silicon Micromachined Microphone for improved signal-to-noise ratios in various aspects of communications; X-Static' a DSP chip for dramatically improved intelligibility and clarity in AM/FM voice radio and communications; and ClearSpeech' a T1/E1 adaptive speech filter product that dramatically improves intelligibility for wired or wireless communications in existing or future networks.

NCT...The Technology Leader

As the world's leading developer of active wave management technology, NCT continually pursues new opportunities in which its revolutionary technology can be utilized. Exciting advances in R&D and new product development continue to create an ever-widening range of possible consumer and commercial applications.